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Leon Bibel 1960s/1970s

Through June, 2016

PARK SLOPE GALLERY is a by-appointment-only art gallery in the historic Park Slope section of Brooklyn. Now in our 30th year, we have endeavored to provide excellent quality art and custom archival framing services to our clients.

For just a tiny sampling of the many lovely notes from our clients through the years, please see our "Framing Your Words" section.

To make an appointment to visit, please call: 718-768-4883 or e-mail:

Park Slope Gallery specializes in the art of the era of the WPA Federal Art Project and American mid-century art and design. We offer an extensive collection of vintage and historic Brooklyn and New York City material. We represent several superb contemporary artists, all of whom have special sections on our website, listed under "Gallery."

Our custom archival framing services also include shepherding works on paper and paintings through conservation and restoration if the artwork requires it. We have had very long relationships with excellent art professionals who are all experts in their fields. We do all of the custom framing on site. Our art and framing services are accompanied by a written guarantee.


We are delighted to let you know that the film, Leon Bibel: Art & Activism in the WPA, produced by the gallery on behalf of the Leon Bibel Estate, is now ready to view online.

More Park Slope Gallery News

We are delighted to announce that George Forss, the immensely gifted photographer who we have represented for well over 20 years, is currently being featured at

LIFE Magazine was for many years the source of superb photography by some of the world's greatest masters of the art.'s. editors recently decided to broaden their website's mission, and have begun to look at later photographers who worked in what might be called a "classic LIFE magazine style".

And so, the site will be publishing pictures compatible with the legacy of those great photojournalists who, between 1936 and 1972, helped define how we remember much of the last century.

We are honored that George Forss is one of the very first such photographers to be included in that celebrated group.

LIFE is specifically featuring the photographs from The Access Project, in which many of you participated.

It was a collaborative process, as so many of you generously allowed George to photograph from rooftops and balconies, grain terminals and air traffic control towers...just to name a few of our adventurous locations.

As you might remember, David Douglas Duncan featured George's earlier work in his book New York, New York, Masterworks of a Street Peddler. These were images that George created from locations he could walk to or bike to, but the Access images were your "special" views that you were willing to suggest and share. Our little entourage allowed him to take all the equipment he needed, giving him much more flexibility ... and many more options than he had had before.

The Access Project ended in 2000. Then, in September of 2001, the unthinkable happened.

Now is sharing this portrait of New York's last innocent era with the wider world.

Please visit the LIFE site at:

30 Years! 1984 - 2014

We are amazed!

When we started Park Slope Gallery, we shared 1984 with these very varied cultural touchpoints:

The first Apple Macintosh went on sale (hooray!) ... Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat were collaborating ... Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom was a huge hit at the box office (when a movie cost $2.50) ... Shoulder pads for women were THE fashion fad as were the colors mauve and teal ... I always called them "Reagan" colors ... how did we survive THAT? ... Ma Bell was broken up (just as our cable companies are now poised to get HUGE!) ... Interest rates were 13.5% ... Amadeus won the Oscar for best picture ... Gas was $1.10 a gallon ... the first CD players went on sale ... the Sandinistas won in Nicaragua ... Family Ties debuted on TV ... as did The Cosby Show ... Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want to Have Fun became an anthem ... Keith Haring had his breakthrough year...

In other words ... some things came, and had staying power ... some things came and went ... and to paraphrase Sondheim...


We have been struck by the notion that we can clearly recall curating every exhibition, every opening event, every work that we have handled, what we've written about our artists ... all the projects we have worked on here at the gallery ... and yet ... decades have passed.

It is exhilarating and stunning ... and very grounding at the same time. So many of our clients have become dear friends ... so many of their collections have grown in beautifully organic and evolutionary ways.

The thing that we have always said about our work in running the gallery is that there is no downside:

Preserving, protecting, and enhancing art are all good, satisfying and fundamental processes for which we love to use our skills.

Thank you so much to those of you who have been part of this wonderful adventure.

We welcome you to visit our lovely Spring-Summer 2014 exhibition. Please visit the Current Exhibition page to have an overview. Let us know when you'd like to stop by.

Phyllis & Mitch
Park Slope Gallery